Life Sessions

we are more than what we look like.



Life sessions are a blend of lifestyle and documentary photography and are a wonderful way to preserve the heart and history of your family. They're a great match for people who want a record of what their love looks like and what their home feels like. They're for people who want a rad book of meaningful, professional photographs that will tell their story. The kind of artful photographs you'll huddle around the kitchen table to look back on, the kind that will ignite memories and feelings of this time in your life. 

People who choose to have a session with me are happiest when they’re together. They dare to be themselves. They’re not afraid to be silly. They know their family is beautiful. They’re close. They’re fun. They’re super fantastic. They’re passionate. They love love. They appreciate the beauty in every day life.


When you really think about it, why do you want photos of your family? What do you hope your children remember about their childhood? What is it that you want to look back and remember in 20 years? 

I'm fascinated by life and the way we all live it. I wish I had books filled with meaningful photographs of my family together - with my parents (all of them!) and my siblings in the pictures. From the days of choreographing rollerskating dance routines to the Madonna tape in the basement in 1986 with my sister, taking the swings off the swing set and believing we were gymnasts on the high bar in the olympics, climbing the garbage shed and sliding down the clothesline post, pretending to be firemen, or picking mint in the backyard, holding it our hands, inhaling the scent all afternoon… These are the memories I aim to capture of my own children's childhood. These are the memories I would love to capture for you, too.

I believe, whole-heartedly, that we look our best when we're surrounded by the people we love. And that the greatest family photographs are the ones that go below the surface of what we look like because we're so much more than that. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, we'll be a great fit!

Did you know? The term documentary is often confused with candid. A snapshot is considered candid. Documentary photography isn't candid, but rather, the art of observing, anticipating moments and telling the story. It's an intentional, well thought out way of photographing without directing subjects.