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Unplug and Breathe

a few simple frames from one summer afternoon.

the first image is relevant to how i've been feeling lately. i haven't been sharing much. i've been quieter. sometimes this world of being online 24/7 is overwhelming and exhausting (and i'm not even good at being consistent with social media, so i can only imagine how it feels for those who are). more often than not i just feel the need to

unplug and breathe. 

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(hint: film!) very exciting! 

At the Creek

evening at the creek (or that time SGP thought he had a leech on his leg. double eww!).

we enjoy spending our evenings like this. and i'm pretty sure marls barkley is in his glory splashing in the water and retrieving sticks. i swear he smiles. 

this summer feels a little different. sky works now and isn't always available to join us. it makes the times he comes along even that much more special. 

Liquid Envelope

it was once we entered the shallow end that she chose to be brave and asked to learn how to swim without her life jacket. a big step for our girl, the one who always reminds us to pack her buoyant, pink vest. 

her first time swimming ended up being in the same outdoor pool that i learned how to swim in, in 1984. it brought back memories of those sweet summer days that lingered and felt endless. being 6 years old and walking to the pool with my sister, teenage uncles and cousins. snapshots flipping through my mind of uncles and cousins jumping off the diving board, fearlessly, while my sister and i played and swam in the shallow end, not having worked up enough courage to take the leap yet. so many good memories in that small town, outdoor pool.

it's times like this, when i'm not thinking about taking a picture, that i really feel and see. being in water is a freedom like no other. it awakens my soul. daily responsibilities and anxieties flow away and i'm really in the moment. it's the way the light catches and reflects. and the way those tiny molecules envelope our skin; how fascinating that we feel them, yet we can't see them wrapped around us. it's the graceful way her hair flows and the dance she does, submerged. it's like we're in a different world being surrounded by tiny bubbles that look like shining stars in outerspace. 

forever i'll wear these liquid memories in a locket around my neck.

[all shot with iphone. and i adore every imperfection]


on an ordinary evening at 7:30pm we're usually outside waiting for brian to get home from work. me, barefoot, enjoying the soft grass on my soles while i water plants and flowers. she's usually playing in water, riding her bike, performing some sort of accent or song and dance, or playing with neighbour friends. SGP and marls barkley usually join us outside for a few minutes at a time.

i don't remember why she cried but when she did she blew out and let the snot drip. like mother like daughter, i guess (i'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but i used to do this in grade 4). then she proceeded to wipe her nose with flower petals. creating rap songs in battle challenge mode with her dad converted her tears into happiness, once again.