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Morning Routine

The default ringtone on my iPhone tells me it's time to wake up. It's 7:45am and I'm not a morning person. I make my way downstairs and peek into your room to see if you're awake yet. Some days I find you watching Ellen clips on YouTube or drawing. Most days you're still asleep. I've learned you prefer a calm and quiet Good Morning instead of a cheerful Rise and Shine! Before you get dressed you request french toast for breakfast. 2 pieces, preferably on white IGA bread. Once in a while you'll change it up and ask for a ham and cheese omelette, or toast with Nutella, a greek yogurt on the side. Your favorite flavor? It's a tie between coconut and cherry. Last year you liked oatmeal but now you say it tastes like cat litter. While you eat your breakfast I pour myself a coffee and prepare your lunch which usually consists of a ham, cheddar and mayo sandwich, or sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious in the prep department you get Aunty Boo's turkey wrap - on a tomato tortilla complete with mayo, sriracha, avocado, and shredded raw beets, cabbage and carrots. To go with your sandwich/wrap you get some raw veggies (sometimes with dip) and either a piece of fruit, some cubed melon or a mixture of blueberries/raspberries/blackberries. For your snack you always choose either watermelon, an apple, kolbassa & cheese & pickles, or caesar salad. I fill your water bottle and toss in a few lemon and lime wedges if we have any. If I remembered to put them on the Sunday lunch list, you tell me it's nice to have lemon/lime flavoured water once in a while. I agree. Your hair is a 50/50 toss up. Some days I braid it, some days you brush it and leave it down. You disappear into the washroom to brush your teeth. I take a sip of my lukewarm coffee. I notice (every day) brushing is taking longer than it should and you come out with your iPad in your hands. You brushed while watching another Ellen clip or a snippet of a Dan TDM/Stampy/Minecraft video. You put your shoes and jacket on. I look at the clock, it's 8:44am now. You're putting your backpack on and standing at the front door. I give you a kiss and hug. Have a wonderful day! See you after school! And that's when you start telling me something that just can't wait until after school.  I try my best to be patient, eventually blurting out, Ok Ava, we'll have to talk about it after school, ok? If you hurry you'll make it on time! Get going! The bell's going to ring any minute! I look at the time again, it's 8:56am. You have 4 minutes. You're not fond of being rushed; depending on your quality of sleep the previous night, you'll either let the pressure of being rushed irritate you or you'll let it roll off your back. I cross my fingers for the latter. You're hesitant, you have more to say but you decide you better get going. I wait a few seconds for you to get a head start before I step out to watch you. You're pedaling. I can see you at the crosswalk. Please don't be late. Phew. You made it on time. I hear the bell ring. I finish my cold coffee.

I wonder what other people's mornings are like, are they relaxed or rushed? what does your morning routine look like?