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10 on 10 | FEBRUARY

because i'm such a homebody, most of my days are guessed it...inside my home. my life is pretty simple and laid back. and i love it that way. bits and pieces of what most of my days look and feel like...

a little more than stubble.

beautiful late morning light in the kitchen.

morning coffee.

wake up, dad!

MARL-AY! please. just get out. (he chews on her stuffies. she doesn't like it.)




tales of a fourth grade nothing. one of my favourites when i was young. one of her favourites too.

bedtime story.

please continue around the up, the amazing kate t. parker photography in atlanta!

10 on 10 | JANUARY

i'm humbled and excited to have been invited by a group of insanely talented photographers to join them in a yearly project called 10 on 10 -- the idea of the project is to choose one day each month and take 10 images of the ordinary, every day moments without the confines of any theme or structure.  my goal to challenge myself throughout the year is to take one photo per hour on my chosen day, however, that never happened this time (oh well, i have 11 more tries, right?!)  the images will be shared on each of our blogs on the 10th day of the month --  i hope you'll follow along and be inspired with me! here we go...

breakfast quinoa. an addiction

good morning, marley

want your picture taken?

shake a paw

snuggles with ellie's dad, orange ellie

10 little piggies

their love is silly. and sweet.

keep out!

ho! ho! ho!

shakin' like a dog

now, please head on over and take a peek into the beautiful life of  kate t. parker photography | atlanta area lifestyle photographer!