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i woke up this morning thinking about what i wanted to write to you today, SGP, and instantly got a lump in my throat.i know that growing up is inevitable. i know that i need to let you be. give you space and freedom. let you fly on your own.

for the past few years i've been learning how to be a mom to a teenager. the hardest part is letting go and accepting that you won't live with us forever and that you'll have your own family one day.

i know i'll miss you every day. missing that little boy who loved watching toy story and reading captain underpants. the boy who enjoyed making marks on the pavement with his bike tires and playing with lego for hours. the boy who needed help with tying his shoelaces and making a sandwich. the little one who would hug me for no reason or ask me to sing a song, read a book and make chocolate chip (stuffed animal) talk to him before bed each night.

now it's our job to continue guiding you but to step aside and let you become who you are, to watch you navigate your life using the values and lessons that we've taught you along the way. and even though i miss the little boy you once were i am so happy and proud of the adult you are becoming.

i want to know all about what's going on at school and in your life away from home. sometimes you couldn't be bothered or have other priorities (like texting) and other times you'll open up for a few minutes at a time and let me into your 16 year old world. those few minutes mean the world, thank you for letting me in.

i love you, bud.

love, mom