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letters to our children + a time capsule video | hard luck canyon.

surrounded by the magical beauty of hard luck canyon. every sight and sound inspires. senses are awakened.

mother nature is our greatest teacher, isn't she?

us, with our sun-kissed shells, on an afternoon adventure.

under nature's canopy,

leaping from rock to rock. feeling textures on the bottom of our soles

and cool water trickling between our fingers.

each moment a tangible piece of our story.

majestic beauty.

being present.

lump in my throat. so much to take in.

light in our eyes and our hearts. smiles and questions. skipping rocks.

a quest for the perfect stick for you.

gifting a piece of your heart to nature.

and these...

these are the best kind of memories.

us together.

. . . . .

next up is the beautifully talented hannah mayo. her photos and love letters to her boys always make my heart smile.

[hard luck canyon 7.16.2013]