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my little beanie bug, i believe in you with my whole heart. i know that you will do great things in your life. here is a small list to help you along the way...

. you should never be afraid to be yourself. 

. it's okay to have your own opinion and perspective, even if others disagree with it. even at the young age of five you have your own voice. i want to hear it. your point of view is worthy and valuable.

. speak the truth. even if your voice shakes.

. enjoy learning.

. mind your manners.

. be kind.

. smile often.

. remember that you are never alone. and if you ever feel alone, i will always be here for you in whatever way you need me to be.

. respect yourself and others. your body. your belongings. and the earth too.

. brush your teeth. and floss. (i know you like to do both, please keep it up!) .  

. be a good friend. 

. don't be afraid to try new things.

. think positive. stay positive.

. never do drugs. please.

. work hard.

. don't complain or whine.

. be grateful.

. give when you can.

. don't gossip.

. keep loving animals like you do. animals bring joy into your life and ignite a sparkle in your eye.

. be punctual. respect other people's time.

. be silly and goofy. have fun!

. keep dancing (especially the robot)!

. spend time outside.

. grow a garden!

. take time to write down your thoughts. keep a journal!

. read. a lot. get lost in books. let your brilliant mind wander.

. be passionate about something.

. keep your room tidy.

. don't ever take your freedom for granted.

. giving your best effort is important.

. be thoughtful.

. express yourself in some way. the love notes and art work you leave for us are treasures we hold close to our hearts.

. dream big. and follow those dreams.

. eat well.

. love your brother. even though right now you seem so far apart, age wise, it won't always seem this way. and know that he will always be there for you.

. always be true to yourself. i can't stress this enough.

. remember that everything you do is a choice. you choose your life's path.

. learn from your mistakes. and admit when you're wrong.

. bullying is not cool, being compassionate is. stand up for yourself. and your friends. and anyone who is being bullied.

. one thing i am still learning today -- sometimes people can be hurtful and make us feel insecure. our first thought is that it's our fault and that we did something wrong, but, most of the time it's something that's happening inside of them and has nothing to do with us at all. when you come across a person like this, be kind anyway.

and most importantly, please remember that you are loved. tremendously. i love you mostest-postest, mom xo


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