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my beanie bug, there aren't many days left of you being five years old. you've been asking, how many sleeps until i'm six? for quite a while. the first time you asked, my reply was, only 63 more sleeps, bean!

your special day is only a few weeks away.

[really short recap of being five]

the other day you were curious about seahorses, so you climbed up onto my lap and hugged my neck while we read about them and admired their unique beauty. then you told me your favorite things about seahorses... they only have one boyfriend for their entire life and they are so beautiful with their curvy tails! the dad seahorse carries the eggs in his pouch until the baby seahorses hatch. cool, hey mom?

your mind is a sponge and i love that you enjoy learning. your curiosity about the world and all the magnificent things that live in it makes me happy and proud. not too many people know that you requested to be homeschooled for kindergarten. saying yes was an easy decision for your dad and me. i cherish every day with you (even the ones when you challenge me). you're an enthusiastic learner. you enjoy math and are learning to read. the love notes that you lovingly place around the house are getting longer. you're interested in the solar system and find it fascinating that the earth spins.

your face lights up when your dad asks you to go see a movie at the theatre.

you ask if we can phone aunty alicia and aunty boo. you could talk for hours. sometimes i have to tell you that it's my turn.

you recently started calling grandma nancy, grams grams. it's the cutest thing i've ever heard.

when it comes to food you aren't picky (you really like maki rolls, masala hummus, oysters). a few of your favorites are all fruits/berries (except blackberries), vegetables, caesar salad, chicken and pancakes.

you tell me that you like to make people laugh.

you love the color turquoise. dolphins. drawing. crafts. riding your bike and scooter. playing outside. playing crazy eights and go fish! swimming. the books: tales of a fourth grade nothing, superfudge, and double fudge.

[said on 2.21.2013 just before bedtime. you always ask me to sleep with you.] after we do our craft, you're invited to my club. it's a natural club. and guess what? being part of the club means you get to cuddle your kid, in her bed, 'cause it's natural.

five has been a fun year for you. and i know six will be just as great!

i love you mostest-postest,

mom xoxo

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