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first of all, i think i might be a little crazy, here's a confession -- i'm not a planner, i'm a leave it to the last minute type of person. and guess what? i've committed to another 12 month personal project. gulp. that means deadlines twice a month.i can do this.

this circle is made up of lovely photographers and although we live in different cities and even countries, come from different backgrounds and live different lives, we have a connection to each other. we are all mothers. the project is called letters to our children. it will be such a wonderful gift for our children. and us.

i'm the first to admit my writing isn't lyrical. and i'm far from eloquent. but i do know that my heart holds infinite, beautiful love for my kids and that's what i'm going to share in this series of 12 posts this year. i haven't decided whether or not i'll write in proper letter format each month or if some months i'll choose to share a quote or a few lines of point form things i love about each of my kids. i might even share a song or their artwork or even just let my images speak for themselves. i'm letting go and giving myself no boundaries, allowing myself to just go with the flow and enjoy recording my love for skylar and ava.

this is for them. and i'm just going to let my heart speak.

.  .  .  .  .

SGP, 16 years ago, on a sunny yet chilly november afternoon you entered the world. i didn't know that such a profound love could happen in an instant, but you, with your thick black hair, little macaroni toes and perfect tiny face, showed me that it was possible. and that instant love for you has been indescribable from the moment i gazed at your sweet, tiny face and held you in my arms. being first time parents at 18 and 20, we were filled with so many emotions - anxious and excited at the same time. i didn't know how to be a mom but i knew that my love for you trumped all of my anxieties.

you were an easy child. you never tested boundaries or yelled or screamed. you have always been laid-back and easy going, kind and polite. an independent thinker. and you gave the best hugs (before it was uncool to do so). you're intelligent and witty. and really funny. handsome and athletic. kindhearted and sensitive. helpful and curious. interesting and mysterious. and those just scratch the surface of who you are. you're made up of too many qualities to list. i  'get' you, even when you don't say a word. i understand how you think and why you do what you do. i get your communication style because we click like that, us introverts. sixteen years later and here we are. you're in grade 11 and even though you look like a young man, i still see my first baby. so, you see, that's why i try to hug you all the time, not to embarrass you but because i miss cuddling you.

and almost 6 years ago, you, my sweet little bean, decided to enter the world on a sunshiny morning in may. you had the most adorable rosebud lips, beautiful eyes and the loveliest skin. i experienced the same instant profound love when i saw your beautiful little face, too. you're my extroverted child. the one who challenges me. social and a talker, just like your dad. sometimes it baffles me how you can talk. and talk. and talk. all. day. long. but i love that about you. you have always been a free spirit. you're always on the go and asking questions. a performer. a budding artist. always wanting to be in the loop of what's happening in our household, never holding back when you have something to say. you have taught me so many things, the biggest being patience. you require a lot of it. you enjoy making people laugh and smile by speaking in accents, acting, singing and dancing. you constantly leave little love notes and handmade cards around the house for all of us. you're very thoughtful, caring and sensitive. soulful and compassionate. headstrong and determined. your heart is so big. thank you for showering me with hugs and kisses every day!

with you both, i will always have a special bond, one that cannot be put into words, nor can it be broken. a soul connection. you're the heartbeat of our family and every day i'm grateful for you. i'll always be by your side. your dad and i are so, so proud of you both.

SGP and beanie bug, i love you mostest-postest.

xo mom

.  .  .  .  . letters to our children will be shared on the 15th of each month. i'd love for you to continue on and take a peek into the life and loves of the awesome women in this up is Jayme Franklin | San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer!