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At Grandma & Shapoopy’s
  • When you turn into their driveway the sign says Nancy & The Savage. Ha!

  • Ava’s in her happy place, surrounded by animals at my Mom & Darryl’s.

  • It’s sweet how they chose their dogs’ names. Inspired by their granddaughters’ middle names, Grace and Amelia Rose.

  • On Christmas Eve, Gracie went out with Shapoopy (aka Darryl aka Grandpa) to fell trees for firewood like she does every other day. For some reason she didn’t move as a tree was falling and it landed on her, pinning her down, resulting in a broken pelvis in two places. She’s on the mend, thankfully. Dogs are stoic creatures!

Summa summa summatime!

Scrapping routines for spontaneity, slow days and the freedom of summer never gets old, it’s even better when sunshine and water are involved, right? Summer means getting to hang out with family more often! It’s no secret that family & summer bring on cheek to cheek smiles and zen-like internal peace for me!

What's The Point?

This image is about more than a little girl trying to catch the mist from the hose her mom is holding. It's about an ordinary Summer day when you spend all afternoon outside with your child, participating in the joy of childhood and not just being a spectator. It's about the laughter you shared as the mist landed on her tongue and eyelashes. It's about how you grew in your mom's heart and then you ended up stealing it. It's about a family pet, the little poodle that passed away suddenly and all that's left are cherished memories and photographs. It's about seeing the heart of a family, not just the outside. It's about motherhood and childhood and love.

If the point of getting family pictures taken is to represent this time in your life then honest images will always win me over. I always say the best family photographs go below the surface of what we look like because we're so much more than that. There's no need for epic landscapes, props, poses or co-ordinated outfits. Just show up as yourself and have a speck of trust in me - it's all I need to heartcraft meaningful photos that will soon become a part of your family's history. 

Interested in a Spring or Summer session? Send me a message for more info, I would love to work with you!