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At The Kolbuc Quarters.

I visited the Kolbuc Quarters on Saturday for an extended family session.  This is a family that I've always admired for so many reasons. There are a lot of images to share, but for now, a few of Sandra + Dave because life at the Kolbuc Quarters began with these two awesome people...

"When I think of my parent’s love story I can only think of it from that perspective of their adult child. I know that when the two of them fell in love in the 60s there would have been romance, lust, and fluttering hearts – the typical ingredients for two people to fall in love. I also know that when they made the commitment to spend their lives together there were hopes and dreams that took them all over the world and landed them on a quarter section of land in Northern Alberta. Myself and my siblings were fortunate enough to be one of the hopes and dreams my parents had as peace loving hippies and in 1975 they started the process of creating their own family. We grew up in a home full of mission statements, family meetings, hugs, songs, campfires, good night stories (the same stories Grandpa now tells our children). But the greatest gift our parents gave us was their commitment and love for each other which allowed each of us to grow up to be independent souls, always with a safe place to land. As a new parent myself, I wonder if that is not the greatest love story and one I hope to read in my own life 45 years from now." -Meisha

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