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Life Sessions

A few people have asked what a Life Session is and why I'm passionate about photographing people in and around their homes, doing regular things, in clothing they would normally wear. I know a lot of people aren't aware that this style of photography is actually a thing that people hire professional photographers for, so I thought I would share here, in case you've been curious, too.

I always have a hard time describing the passion that I have for photographing in a way that depicts real life and why it's important for me to approach all sessions this way. There's no posing or worrying about what to wear, it's you doing life your way and I'll be there to capture your family together - all the beautiful, funny, tender, messy bits along the way. Basically, it's you allowing me to see, feel and show you how beautiful your life is when you're just being you - in the space you've created for your family - your home. We look our best when we're surrounded by the people we love, I believe that. Perfect everything isn't what my sessions are about, the beauty of life and your connections with each other is, because we are more than what we look like. I want to give my families a few hours to just be together. I want to give you something meaningful. You don't get to see how nurturing you look when you're wiping your child's tears, the tenderness or fits of giggling while you're reading them a bedtime story, the love in your eyes when they reach for your hand or put their little arms around your neck and squeeze tight, or how your laughter fills the backyard when you're chasing each other with water balloons... For me, photographs that make me feel and relate will always trump a perfect, pretty photo of a family saying cheese. My aim is for you to have a gallery of artistic, composed, and thoughtful photographs - the kind that show who you are. The kind of photographs you'll find yourself reminiscing over when your children are grown.

It's about you and your people. Your connections with one another. Being together. Doing regular things together. Preserving this sliver of time in your life, so in 20 years from now, when you look at your photographs, they'll ignite your memories and senses from today and you'll have documented a piece your family's history, with you in it. That is the absolute heart of it all. 

I would love to show you how amazing your life is.

See a sampling of what a Life Session at home looks and feels like below… 

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