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Bits & Pieces, May

A few days ago we celebrated 8 years of our smart, funny, spirited girl who we love infinitely.

We started the day off by making her favorite breakfast (pancakes), followed by playing hooky from school, taking her to the skate shop to pick out a new helmet, an afternoon at the skatepark, then finishing the evening off at her favorite local korean restaurant.

She's been talking about selling old toys to come up with enough money to buy herself a custom skateboard. Without letting her in on the surprise, after she chose her helmet, we told her we had to stop at home to grab my camera before we headed to the skatepark. We raced home, grabbed my camera, and made our way back to the shop where we let her in on the surprise - we weren't actually going back because I needed a pair of flip flops - she was going to customize a board for her birthday! Her eyes welled and she smiled the biggest toothless smile. After a million thank you's, She picked out her deck, trucks, bearings, and wheels and proceeded to explain the process of building a board. The employees at the shop told her they were impressed with her knowledge, letting her know they thought she was smart and rad and how it was so cool to see a kid at her age who marches to the beat of her own drum.

She proclaimed the day as her best. birthday. ever.