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Mary Ellen Mark

studying and watching documentaries of master photographers is something i find myself doing when i have alone time. getting a glimpse into their thought process is intriguing and excites me. they all just do their own thing. they work hard. they don't give a shit about what's trending. admirable, isn't it?

I’m kind of a purist that loves reality.

man, i would love the opportunity to attend her workshop and learn from her one day. ok, i'll stop babbling now so you can learn about this incredible lady, mary ellen mark...

a few things mary ellen said grabbed onto me:

"i'm kind of a purist that loves reality. and that's not the trend now." sad, yet true, isn't it?

"i think the most important thing in a photograph is just content." 

"the big thing was reality, you weren't allowed to change things in an image. now it's all about changing everything. and that's just not what i do, i mean, it's fine, you know, it's an illustration. i'm not an illustrator, i'm a photographer. so, that's the way it is." 

"having the courage to be able to have a point of view and an opinion about something. it's very important." 

"it takes years to develop a point of view."

"be deliberate."