sharing bits & pieces of my life and client work

We are Mosaics

We are mosaics - pieces of light, love, history, stars -- glued together with magic and music and words.” - Anita Krizzan

We are also our own worst critics.

Skimming through archives, dividing into b/w and color. Seeing my voice in both. It's always been there but I think i fight it. Daily struggles between my head and my heart (blue/green personality, thank you.)

Plucked from the b/w pile, these ones feel most like me yet most of them I overlooked - missed focus, grainy, etc. - the technical reasons. I used to think that the technical aspects of a photograph was the only requisite to make it a good one. I was so wrong. I can make a technically good, pretty photo that has absolutely no feeling or story, and that's a fail to me. I'm (slowly) learning to separate myself from the images. At the time a few of these were made I was more than likely going for something entirely different and beating myself up because the end result wasn't what I had in mind. Looking back, I see the simple truth that was showing itself and I just didn't notice it until now. Time has passed, I took myself out of it, I see it with fresh eyes and have no recollection of what it was that I was trying so hard to see rather than capturing what was in front of me.