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Almost 8

ava recently: last weekend she asked for a journal. she has taken a liking to writing and is working on a story about our family. she read it to me and laughed hysterically when she came to the part about marls barkley and how his farts smell like raw fish and cat tuna (eww). she thinks it's both disgusting and hilarious. she's been obsessing over losing her central incisors for weeks. every night she runs upstairs to grab the dental mirror to study the progress of the wiggly teeth. the left one finally fell out a few days ago and she's happy that regular biting/chewing can resume for a few days before the right one starts dangling. she's been asking questions about our family and the ones we never had a chance to meet. i told her about her great great granddad, nels johnson, who owned the blacksmith shop museum in sexsmith and how it has been designated as a provincial historical site. she's intrigued and says she would love to visit. i see a road trip in the near future.