sharing bits & pieces of my life and client work

Bits & Pieces, February

1. striped.

2. sing. your song to sing lately is stay by florida georgia line. i find you sitting on your bed, singing your little heart out. on repeat. 

3. play. you're competitive on crossy roads and challenge us all to beat your highest score (460). we haven't beat it yet.

4. read. still, you love reading anything that has to do with animals. you made and wrote your own 10 facts about dogs mini book. 

5. indoor scootering. you're taking it to a whole new level and adding jumps and tricks and say you can't wait for the snow to melt to take it outside.

6. two loose teeth. 

7 + 8. cat naps.

9. patient marls.

10-14. everyday occurrence. you & marls, cuddling and playing on my bed.