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Max, 6 months

wide eyed and smiley. six months is when their personalities start shining. it's when you begin to see the wonder of the world through their eyes. it's the best time to photograph a baby, in my opinion.

we celebrated an early thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law's house on saturday, so naturally, we had to sneak in a few minutes to capture max at 6 months!

meet my nephew, max henry. he's pure sugar, right?! i can't get over how happy and content he is, he's been this way since he was born. and his soft skin, his tiny fingers and toes, that baby smell, twinkly eyes, his little voice and expressions...sigh. we love him so much. 

we recently received some exciting news, max is going to be a brother in march (insert a bit of shock and lots of clapping and cheering)!!!  yay!!!