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Do what you love

before she was born, i found myself lost in thought about who she would be, what she would enjoy doing, what kind of music she would listen to, whether she would be serious or goofy, reserved or outgoing, what her fruit and vegetable preferences would be, what colors would catch her eye, what would comfort her, what would make her eyes light up...

pondering the pieces that would make her her. skateboarding never crossed my mind. researching decks, bearings and trucks wasn't something i thought i would ever do. seeing her be passionate about something warms me from the inside, and even though skateboarding isn't on the top of my list of likes, it doesn't have to be for me to be supportive, encouraging or to be her biggest cheerleader. 

do what you love.  

[a few seconds of video, just because i never want to forget her, at this age, in motion]

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