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Because big kids are worth documenting, too

Back in July I got to photograph this rad family - they're unapologetically themselves (my kind of people!), they love to laugh, they're warm hearted, and most of all they love each other and it shows.

A lot of the time people forget to invest in family photos once their kids are grown, you know, like after the kids have grown out of the cute stages of childhood - chubby cheeks, new teeth, missing teeth, sleeping in Mom's arms, and all the childhood wonder that fills their days. I love how it was important to this beautiful Mama to have photographic evidence of this time in their lives before both kids move out and are off on their own making their mark on the world.

Bits & Pieces

February consisted of Ava losing a few more teeth; after recording the dates on her calendar and realizing she had actaully been putting her tooth under her pillow repeatedly, for over a week, (oops!) she found out the tooth fairy is not in fact a tiny, magical, fluttering fairy. She wasn't devastated. Phew! We enjoyed a trip to the Edmonton Art gallery with my Mom and Darryl (I forgot my camera at home. Boo.), a few family get togethers/dinners, 3 birthday celebrations, skating, Netflix binge watching and a whole lot of staying inside, because BRRR.