hey, i'm melissa

family life is humorous, messy, raw and beautiful. i'm here to document it for you.


I love: Brian, our two crazy awesome kids, Marls Barkley (our golden lab), and having a close extended family. Laughing with my people. Summer. Being barefoot. The scent of my mock orange shrub when it's in bloom. The ocean. Music. Art. Documenting life as it is. Hearing your stories.

I (reaaaaallllyyyy) like: good interior design, white walls (before it was cool) & airy spaces. Coffee (I’m known to have a cup at midnight). People watching. Documentaries & memoirs.

I am: a barefoot, jeans & t-shirt type. Compassionate, real and sometimes a little bit silly. Introverted. A pisces. A night owl. A lefty.